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8 months ago By Sam Blacklock

The Pyramid Management Board (PMB) met on 22 March to consider the implications of the withdrawal of Seaham Harbour Cricket Club from the NEPL.

One of the matters considered by the PMB was the implication for relegation from and promotion to the NEPL at the end of the 2018 season.

The PMB considered that there were two options to bring the NEPL back up to full strength.

1) To relegate one club from the First Division at the end of the 2018 season and to promote one club from each of the DCL and the NTCL.

2) Not to relegate a Club from the First Division in the 2018 season and to promote the club winning the playoff game.

The recommendation of the PMB was option 1).

The motion to implement that recommendation failed to achieve the two-thirds majority of Clubs required by the NEPL General Rules at a Special General Meeting held on 11 April and therefore was defeated.

The League Management Committee has therefore put a motion to implement Option 2 to a new Special General Meeting that is being conducted by email.

Clubs must reply to the League Secretary by email not later than 23.59 on Thursday 26 April (but preferably sooner) stating whether they are in favour or against the motion.

We will have more information in the following weeks.

Where next?

Special General Meeting Update The result of the Special General Meeting motion is 19 in favour and 4 against.
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