Sunday Division 1, 2 and 3 Fixtures

1 year ago By Sam Blacklock

Sunday Division 1,2 and 3 Fixtures are below.


1.30pm start

Sunday 29 April
Benwell Hill v Washington
Blaydon v Tynemouth
Newcastle v South Northumberland
South Shields v Gateshead Fell

Sunday 6 May
Tynemouth v Benwell Hill
South Northumberland v Washington
Gateshead Fell v Blaydon
South Shields v Newcastle

Sunday 13 May
Benwell Hill v South Northumberland
Tynemouth v Gateshead Fell
Washington v South Shields
Newcastle v Blaydon

Sunday 20 May
Gateshead Fell v Benwell Hill
South Shields v South Northumberland
Newcastle v Tynemouth
Blaydon v Washington

Sunday 27 May
South Shields v Benwell hill
Gateshead Fell v Newcastle
South Northumberland v Blaydon
Tynemouth v Washington

Sunday 3 June
Newcastle v Benwell Hill
Blaydon v South Shields
Washington v Gateshead Fell
Tynemouth v South Northumberland

Sunday 10 June

Sunday 17 June
Benwell Hill v Blaydon
Newcastle v Washington
South Shields v Tynemouth
Gateshead Fell v South Northumberland

Sunday 24 June
Washington v Benwell Hill
Tynemouth v Blaydon
South Northumberland v Newcastle
Gateshead Fell v South Shields

Sunday 1 July
Benwell Hill v Tynemouth
Washington v South Northumberland
Blaydon v Gateshead Fell
Newcastle v South Shields

Sunday 8 July
South Northumberland v Benwell hill
Gateshead Fell v Tynemouth
South Shields v Washington
Blaydon v Newcastle

Sunday 15 July
Benwell Hill v Gateshead Fell
South Northumberland v South Shields
Tynemouth v Newcastle
Washington v Blaydon

Sunday 22 July
Benwell Hill v South Shields
Newcastle v Gateshead Fell
Blaydon v South Northumberland
Washington v Tynemouth

Sunday 29 July
Benwell Hill v Newcastle
South Shields v Blaydon
Gateshead Fell v Washington
South Northumberland v Tynemouth

Sunday 5 August
Blaydon v Benwell Hill
Washington v Newcastle
Tynemouth v South Shields
South Northumberland v Gateshead Fell


1.30pm start

Sunday 29 April
Whitburn v Sunderland
Chester-le-Street v Sacriston
Hetton Lyons v Stockton
Burnmoor V Boldon

Sunday 6 May
Sunderland v Sacriston
Stockton v Whitburn
Boldon v Chester-le-Street
Burnmoor v Hetton Lyons

Sunday 13 May
Sunderland v Stockton
Sacriston v Boldon
Whitburn v Burnmoor
Hetton Lyons v Chester-le-Street

Sunday 20 May
Boldon v Sunderland
Burnmoor v Stockton
Hetton Lyons v Sacriston
Chester-le-Street v Whitburn

Sunday 27 May
Burnmoor v Sunderland
Boldon v Hetton Lyons
Stockton v Chester-le-Street
Sacriston v Whitburn

Sunday 3 June
Hetton Lyons v Sunderland
Chester-le-Street v Burnmoor
Whitburn v Boldon
Sacriston v Stockton

Sunday 10 June

Sunday 17 June
Chester-le-Street v Sunderland
Hetton Lyons v Whitburn
Burnmoor v Sacriston
Boldon v Stockton

Sunday 24 June
Sunderland v Whitburn
Sacriston v Chester-le-Street
Stockton v Hetton Lyons
Boldon v Burnmoor

Sunday 1 July
Sacriston v Sunderland
Whitburn v Stockton
Chester-le-Street v Boldon
Hetton Lyons v Burnmoor

Sunday 8 July
Stockton v Sunderland
Boldon v Sacriston
Burnmoor v Whitburn
Chester-le-Street v Hetton Lyons

Sunday 15 July
Sunderland v Boldon
Stockton v Burnmoor
Sacriston v Hetton Lyons
Whitburn v Chester-le-Street

Sunday 22 July
Sunderland v Burnmoor
Hetton Lyons v Boldon
Chester-le-Street v Stockton
Whitburn v Sacriston

Sunday 29 July
Sunderland v Hetton Lyons
Burnmoor v Chester-le-Street
Boldon v Whitburn
Stockton v Sacriston

Sunday 5 August
Sunderland v Chester-le-Street
Whitburn v Hetton Lyons
Sacriston v Burnmoor
Stockton v Boldon


1.30pm start

Sunday 29 April
Brandon v Eppleton
Felling v Castle Eden
Seaham Harbour v Willington

Sunday 6 May
Burnopfield v Felling
Eppleton v Seaham Harbour
Castle Eden v Willington

Sunday 13 May
Brandon v Seaham Harbour
Willington v Burnopfield
Eppleton v Castle Eden

Sunday 20 May
Felling v Willington
Castle Eden v Brandon
Burnopfield v Eppleton

Sunday 27 May
Seaham Harbour v Castle Eden
Felling v Eppleton
Burnopfield v Brandon

Sunday 3 June
Willington v Eppleton
Burnopfield v Seaham Harbour
Felling v Brandon

Sunday 10 June

Sunday 17 June
Castle Eden v Burnopfield
Brandon v Willington
Seaham Harbour v Felling

Sunday 24 June
Eppleton v Brandon
Castle Eden v Felling
Willington v Seaham Harbour

Sunday 1 July
Felling v Burnopfield
Seaham Harbour v Eppleton
Willington v Castle Eden

Sunday 8 July
Seaham Harbour v Brandon
Burnopfield v Willington
Castle Eden v Eppleton

Sunday 15 July
Willington v Felling
Brandon v Castle Eden
Eppleton v Burnopfield

Sunday 22 July
Castle Eden v Seaham Harbour
Eppleton v Felling
Brandon v Burnopfield

Sunday 29 July
Eppleton v Willington
Seaham Harbour v Burnopfield
Brandon v Felling

Sunday 5 August
Burnopfield v Castle Eden
Willington v Brandon
Felling v Seaham Harbour

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