Duckworth Lewis - Information for Club Scorers (22nd April)

By NEPL Editor

It was hoped that Duckworth Lewis (DL) on an iPad, tablet or mobile phone would be updated to version 5 and be the same as the professional version on a lap top.

This is not the case, and we cannot find out from Play Cricket when this will happen. The standard version on an iPad etc is now Version 4.

The following should be substituted for paragraph 2 on page 84.

So that both lap top users and iPad users are using the same version it will be necessary for lap top users to ensure that the professional version that is selected is version 4.
In practice if you need to use DL because there has been a rain break or a reduction in overs in either the first innings which would mean a reduction in the second then:-
1. Click onto “Scoring”
2. The “Revised Overs/Target DLS
3. Ensure “auto update is ticked.
4. Then in the “Professional” box click on the drop-down box and select 2020 v 4
This should ensure that if the other scorer is using an iPad etc you will both agree.

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